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“La bataille…”

An opportunity to acquire a wine estate in the Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux AOC designated area.

An efficient production tool at the service of a way of life.

The wine estate is remarkably located on the hills that run alongside the city of Saint Emilion only 8 km away. It has been a privileged place dedicated to the wine world for 200 years.
It is located on the town of St Magne de Castillon (Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux AOC designated area) with a vineyard size of 28ha.

It is recommended since the 2004 vintage by Michel Rolland, a renowned oenologist.
The château enjoys the most careful treatments when it comes to the viticulture and vinification methods that are always seeking the perfection.

In a state of mind of constant high-level demands, it continues its rise to more and more finesse and complexity.
Voluptuous wines are being produced at the château and are offering a rare experience that enchants everyone from the amateurs to the specialists.

All the facilities of the Château were entirely renovated in 2004, the production tool therefore respects all the norms and there will be no need to plan investments.
The production area includes:

A vast building including the vinification cellar, a first cask cellar, and a bottles warehousing stock.
A private home of 250 sqm in perfect condition.
A separated agricultural building for the tools and tractors.
A third building including a cask cellar, an office or a tasting room and a kitchen for the staff.

Main equipment of the winery:
– A pneumatic wine-press with membranes
– 2 sorting tables
– 1 destocking system
– 1 automatic pumping system
– 1 press crushing system
– 23 vats for vinification of 58hl to 150hl (total capacity of the winery: 2300 Hl)
All the tanks are thermo-regulated and covered with an epoxy paint for the concrete winery.

A qualitative and productive vineyard in very good condition when it comes to the agronomical aspects, including a charming Girondine property. This château also enjoys a good commercialisation and no investments must be planned.

Price: between €1 000 000 and €2 500 000

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