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An opportunity to acquire a wine estate in the Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur AOC designated areas.

The vineyard is located at the heart of the vineyard within the Bordeaux Supérieur & Bordeaux Rosé designated areas. It enjoys two types of exceptional terroirs.
With a total vineyard size of 46ha and a plantation density of 4500 vines/ha, the grape varieties are the following: 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc.
The vineyard has not used any weedkilling or synthetic molecules to respect the environment.
The pruning of the vines is done in double Guyot and mixt. The benefits of this pruning produce a harmonious and symmetrical management from the bottom of the vine to the spread and grapes, resulting in a natural ventilated vineyard

History of the Château & Location

Built in 1810, the history of the Château is linked to Henri de Bourbon, Duke of Bordeaux and Count of Chambord.
It is said that the legitimate heir to the throne settled there and this property became its hunting lodge.
This property is located in Haute Gironde, it was bought some decades after by an English Lord.

He restored the Château and its vineyard to increase the surface area to 11.5Ha. The current owners bought it in 2003, adding more vineyards getting to a current size of 46 ha that includes 26 ha in the property and 20 ha which are leased to the property.
Nowadays, this estate produces red and rosé wines in the Bordeaux Supérieur and Bordeaux Rosé designated areas.

Legal status: GFA (= Agricultural Land Group Ownership) + SCEA (= Civil company of farming)

A splendid opportunity with winegrowing and historical assets for investors that are passionate.

Price: between €1 000 000 and €2 500 000

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